W.O. Larsen was one of the most famous tobacco shops in Copenhagen, with a beautiful store located on Copenhagen’s famous “Walking Street.
W.O. Larsen was founded in 1864 and has been in the same family handed from father to son through 5 generations. Ole W.O. Larsen (4ª generation) and Niels (5ª generation and daily manager) try together with Inge W.O. to keep personal relations to all customer throughout the world. The very old firm began as a normal cigar store. Times change and so did the firm. Little by little import was taken up and manufacturing of own brands. A number of the tobacco tins are designed by Ole W.O. Larsen and the various blends are internationally known as tobaccos of an unsurpassed quality.
Some 40 years ago W.O. Larsen wanted to make their own pipes, all pipes are handmade and individuals. With their elegant style and fine danish shapes, the pipes became trend setters for the entire pipe-world. Today the Larsen pipes are recognized as maybe the finest pipes one can buy.
Larsen was recently sold to Stanwell, who continue to produce so-called “Larsen” pipes in their huge factory. Thus ended an important part of Danish pipe history.

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