Adorini was founded in 1999 and since then has been consolidating its position as one of the world’s leading humidor brands. Its humidors combine the most sophisticated components, the highest quality materials and design innovation in their construction.

The new generation of humidors sets a new standard in the art of humidor construction. The Adorini Deluxe humidification system, based on a new type of acrylic developed by aeronautical companies, comes standard in every Deluxe product.

The humidor lid is supported by a hand-polished 24K gold hinge. It is also worth mentioning the technology applied in its elaboration, which ensures minimum variations and quality standards in the preparation of the woods used. First-class craftsmen, specialized in the construction of humidors, are in charge of their assembly, their precise and individualized adjustment and the painting process, in which up to 20 layers of fixative are used.

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