Shipment and Refund Policy

All the products sold by FAUSTOTOBACCO can slightly differ in colour or texture from the ones in the photos from our web not affecting their quality. The photos are just informative, not contractual.

Costumers can only reclaim if:

Products received are not the ones ordered or the quantity is wrong with the possibility of partial orders if the product ordered is not in stock. (If the quantity does not correspond with the one in the delivery note you must communicate it to de transportist and record it in the delivery note.

The Package is seriously damaged affecting the product's quality (In this case the transports must be informed in order to reflect it in the delivery note.

Products have defects when delivered. In this case you must make a claim to FAUSTOTOBACCO the same day that you have received your order , including a photo of the damaged product.

It is obligatory to make claims during the 12 hours following the delivery.

In case one of the claims previously mentioned is made and only if it has been communicated to Faustotobacco the same day of the delivery and it has been confirmed in the delivery note, the customer will be refunded the product's price including taxes and shipping costs. The product must be returned with its original envelope.

The money will be refunded once it has been checked by Faustotobacco in a maximum period of 30 days. If the products are returned in good conditions the customer won't receive the refund and can be given back the product paying shipping costs again. If part of the products are damaged , the refund will correspond only with the price of the damaged articles, but shipping costs will still be applied.

If the delivery is rejected by the customer or not collected without justification, Faustotobacco will be extent of responsibility for the damage the product can suffer and as a consequence , the company does not have to refund the customer.. If the delivery is rejected by the customer and the transport company does not send back to origin address and the customer still wants it, the customer will have to pay the shipping costs.



Once the order has been purchased it will be delivered to the address given in a period of 2 to 5 working days depending on the delivery deadlines of the transport company in your city. 

If any of the articles ordered weren't on stock , we will immediately call you or send you an e-mail (from the date the order has been made on) to inform you when will be the order ready or if it is not possible , that the order cannot be made. If it is not possible to send the article or if you are not interested in waiting, you will have the possibility changing the demanded product or the money refund, that would be   made in a maximum period of 30 days.

If only one of the products purchased weren't available you can communicate us the intention of receiving the rest of your order and propose to receive  the non available articles as soon as we have them on stock.

Orders can be delivered in a period of 2 to 5 working days. For Spain(not including Canary Islands , Ceuta and Melilla) orders made from Thursday to Sunday will be delivered from the following Tuesday on.

We do not deliver any orders during the weekend due to company and transport issues.

In case of delays during the delivery you can contact Faustotobacco and we will inform you about the delay with the transport company but we will not take any responsibility.

We will no deliver any orders during holidays published by Faustotobacco, festivities , local festivities or any festivities eve.

The order will be sent to de adddress given when order was made by a transport company.

El pedido será enviado a la dirección que se haya indicado en el momento en el que se hizo la compra, por medio de una empresa de transporte, o por correos, en embalajes  respetuosos con el medio ambiente.

 It is obligatory when the order is delivered that the customer verifies that everything is correct and in perfect conditions. If the costumer does not agree with the order it should be all  reflected with detail in the delivery note.

General Conditions described below, indicate the contractual relationship between the seller and the web user and they are the only ones applied. Faustotobacco can punctually modify this general conditions , persisting the ones active when the order is effectuated and have been accepted by the customer. Faustotobacco is not responsable for the mistakes that can be generated by the differences that could exist between them and that is why we advise you to read them before you accept.

In any case, all modifications are applicable from the moment they are public on Internet and will not be applied to contracts made before that moment.

Accepting general conditions will suppose that you have read , understood and accepted our conditions.

Orders Process

You can make your order from our web or by the phone , calling +34686978263.

Orders through the web page will be completed following the instructions detailed in the site.

The user must accept the general conditions before sending the order.


Payment Method

All prices published on the web page ( except omission or mistakes) are valid and already include taxes, but not transport or other costs that could be generated and the customer would be informed of before the purchase, in a way that all the costs would be detailed in the final price.

Those prices can be freely revised and modified by Faustotobacco. However, the original price will be respected if the order had been made before the price has changed.

A shipping cost has been established  with details in the "Shipping costs" paragraph. Transport is free for orders from 150EUR. on.

Faustotobacco has got three different paying methods for you: by credit card, paypal or bank transference.

. Credit / Debit card

If you are paying with a credit or debit card , your order will not be approved until the payment has been authorized by you bank. Payments online with credit card will be effectuated through BBVA bank.

In that case you will be asked for complementary information  to make your order effective.

Any order which amount surpasses the maximum established by Faustotobacco, will be asked for an Identity Document and a supporting document that has to be sent by fax or to an e-mail address given before.

Although that process can delay your order tramitation its aim is to make sure that the person who made the order is the card holder. This is a proof of our will to protect our customers from fraudulence.

  • PayPal
  • Paypal  is a very trustable company leading payments on Internet, it lets companies and customers send and receive money by Internet. Paypal has more than 100 millions of users in 190 countries and is mainly accepted by companies and customers. Paypal helps protecting credit card's information with the best security systems. When you use Paypal, financial information is never shared with the seller.

  • Bank Transference
  • If you choose this option  we will give you a bank account number in order to make the transference in a period of 48 hours. After 48h we do not guarantee the reservation of your order.

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