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    The bottle was designed by architect Tanaka. In homage to the figure of Gaudí Torres house created this brandy of old nobility that bears the name of the founder. 38º
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    It is considered one of the best brandies from the Torres winery. It is made of Parellada grapes (and according to some sources also of the variety Ugni Blanc). After a double distillation it undergoes a 20-year static ageing process in Limousin oak casks. It stays in new casks for the first year.
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    Been born of the distillation in alquitaras of wines selected of Málaga that transmit to the holandas obtained aromatic characteristics very particular. Crianza oxidativa During 20 years in boot of American Oak that have contained wines añejos sweet Pedro Ximénez during more than 30 years. System of criaderas and solera. Type of grape: 100% Pedro...
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    Brandy Luis Felipe Gran Reserva, Solera Gran Reserva. Origin: La Palma of the County, Huelva. Universally recognised and appreciated. 40º
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    Alvear Brandy Gran Reserva is one the gems by the winery Alvear. This brandy has been aged in extremely old American oak barrels, by means of the solera system (a process of ageing liquids), with regular extractions and sprinklings, for at least 30 years.
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    Elaborated with distillates of 100% palomino wine and aged in American oak casks according to the solera method, with brandies of up to a minimum of 12 year maturation. 36º
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    Delicate bouquet and excellent balance of oak and exotic flavors. Subtle and harmonious aroma, with hints of vanilla and almonds on the grill.It has been aged in oak barrels with an aging of between 6 and 10 years. 40º
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    Is produced following the traditional criaderas and soleras method and is credited as being over 20 years, as verified by the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Brandy de Jerez. Due to the age of this brandy its production is  limited. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the winery’s supervisor. 40º
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    Davidoff Cognac is composed of the best reserves of Eaux-de-vies, which come exclusively from the 4 best wines of the Cognac region. Prestigious and confidential Davidoff Cognac produces only a few tens of thousands of bottles per year. Assemblages of Grande and Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and borderies.
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    Ximenez-Spinola Brandy Criaderas is a brandy from D.O. Jerez prepared by the bodega Ximénez-Spinola. This brandy is made using Pedro Ximénez grapes.
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    Distillate of the wines of our house that is part of the first phase of the aging process of the rest of brandies we produce. Once distilled from Pedro Ximenez, the extracted alcohol is aged in chestnut wooden casks of 750 liters, which has been previously seasoned with our wine Pedro Ximenez of raisins.
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