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    Hand crafted Italian pipes.

    This brand started in 1876 when  A. Savinelli Sr. opened one of the first stores in the world exclusively selling smoking articles in the very center of Milan. The small shop, which is still at its original location, soon became a meeting place where passionate smokers could exchange opinions and discuss experiences.


    Vauen pipes are a German tradition dating back to the early 1900s. Vauen pipes were one of the first to use a paper filter.

     Vauen pipes drew on the association of ‘cleverness’ with smoking pipes to build their brand. The slogan, “A clever chap only smokes the original Dr. Perl,” is a German re-incarnation of the better known brand’s catch phrase.  that nearly all pipes made in Germany today are influenced by the 9mm filter tradition.

    Vauen pipes are still somewhat unique to the German market. Although the company sells over 150 million of their famous Dr. Perl Juior System Filters every year, their well-crafted pipes are not widely distributed in the U.S. or Canada.Vauen pipes are still somewhat unique to the German market. Although the company sells over 150 million of their famous Dr. Perl Juior System Filters every year, their well-crafted pipes are not widely distributed in the U.S. or Canada.


    The grand history of Rattray’s Pipes begins in the year of 1880 with the birth of Charles Rattray.  After studying tobacco for years, Charles opened up The House of Rattray in Perth, Scotland in 1903.  The success of the shop shot forward at an incredible rate, and in no time at all Charles and his tobacco blends became a hotspot for serious pipe smokers across the British Isles.  Many of Charles’ blend are still manufactured today as Rattray’s Pipe Tobacco. There are many that love the Rattray pipes.

    When Charles decided to add pipe manufacturing the company, he enlisted the services of pipe carvers from England, so that they could put a unique flare on his designs and help him get product out fast.  After decades of success, Rattray’s was acquired by Kohlhase & Kopp.  In keeping with the spirit of solidarity of Europe, Rattray’s pipes are produced around the continent in different countries.  The result of this is a diverse and unique collection of pipes that few other companies can rival.  No matter the style, level, or type of tobacco pipe you are looking for, Rattray’s has a pipe for you!


    Stanwell pipes turned a World War II era innovator into a pipe smoker’s hero when Poul Nielsen first began making pipes out of beech wood due to a lack of briar wood for carving or the popular English pipe. Briar became available again after the war, but the innovations of Stanwell continued, making their smoking pipes some of the most praised in the industry. 

    Stanwell pipes have employed some of the most storied pipe designers over the years and it shows. Most pipes from Stanwell are designed by hand and then reproduced on carefully designed machinery.


    Peterson pipes are some of the most storied tobacco pipes in the history of smoking. For 150 years, Peterson pipes have been made in Dublin and smoked around the world. Charles Peterson believed that a man’s smoking pipe was a signature piece of his individual style and Peterson pipes are still made with this idea in mind today. 

    Peterson pipes are some of the best tobacco pipes, according to many smokers, because of the Peterson System and Peterson mouthpiece which give the smoker a cool, dry, and comfortable smoking experience.

     Their famous motto, The thinking man smokes a Peterson Pipe, is a nod to perhaps their most famous customer, Sherlock Homes. 

  • W . O .LARSEN
    W . O .LARSEN

    W.O. Larsen was one of the most famous tobacco shops in Copenhagen, with a beautiful store located on Copenhagen's famous "Walking Street.

    W.O. Larsen was founded in 1864 and has been in the same family handed from father to son through 5 generations. Ole W.O. Larsen (4ª generation) and Niels (5ª generation and daily manager) try together with Inge W.O. to keep personal relations to all customer throughout the world. The very old firm began as a normal cigar store. Times change and so did the firm. Little by little import was taken up and manufacturing of own brands. A number of the tobacco tins are designed by Ole W.O. Larsen and the various blends are internationally known as tobaccos of an unsurpassed quality.

    Some 40 years ago W.O. Larsen wanted to make their own pipes, all pipes are handmade and individuals. With their elegant style and fine danish shapes, the pipes became trend setters for the entire pipe-world. Today the Larsen pipes are recognized as maybe the finest pipes one can buy.

    Larsen was recently sold to Stanwell, who continue to produce so-called “Larsen” pipes in their huge factory. Thus ended an important part of Danish pipe history.


    Dunhill Pipes creates some of the highest quality smoking instruments and accessories in the world. They are inventive, glamorous, worldly, effortless and of ultimate quality - the definitive source of pleasure and status for people the world over.

    Dunhill has remained rather consistent as a brand. Finishes are smooth or sandblasted in only a few colors, and stems are still hand-cut from black vulcanite rod or red/black Cumberland with tenons turned from the same stock.

    Shell, Cumberland, Dress, Root, and Bruyere are the most common finishes today, and they can sometimes be accented with large-knuckle bamboo, horn, silver, or gold.

    The famous white spot (which was originally intended to demonstrate which side of the stem was the right side up) was developed in 1915 and showed the world that a trademark can carry a lot of advertisement for quality.

    Collected all over the world for over a century, Dunhill pipes were what catapulted the name into a brand synonymous with quality and excellence for a large variety of men's accessories, clothing, and other items.


    Bentley pipes are made in the Netherlands by Gubbels (who also manufactures Big Ben pipes), on behalf of the luxury automotive company.

    The first Bentley pipes were made in the early 80s, but were not the hit the company had hoped for. They made their come-back thirty years later! 

    The combination of briar and aluminum is a success. As are the brand's cars, Bentley pipes are a token of elegance and modernity.

    Known as "Wooden Treasure", these high-end creations are meticulously made.


    Zino Davidoff is born in Kiev in 1906 to a long line of tobacconists. His father, Henri, opens Davidoff of Geneva, a fine tobacco shop.

    Zino grows up with rich scents and busy commerce but as his business grows so does his desire for adventure.

    Now versed in field work, Zino returns to Europe. Under Zino’s vision, the Davidoff family installs the world’s first climate-controlled room in the store in Geneva. His innovation is a hallmark of the tobacconist to this day.

    Zino acquires the Parisian inventory of two million Havana cigars.

    As a result of the acquisition, Davidoff became known for the best and widest selection of Cuban cigars.

    Zino is approached by Cuba to make his own range of cigars in Fidel Castro’s new El Laguito Factory.

    Davidoff cigars are a celebration of the lifelong devotion, exploration and innovation of Zino Davidoff, a man passionate about cigars.


    The Tsuge (pronounced roughly "Su-gay") pipe company is led by pipe maker Kazuhiro Fukuda, who has been carving for the company for nearly 60 years.

    Initially, they produced pipes out of ivory and briar which were all classic shapes that were small and stained dark. Kazuhiro went to Denmark in 1969 to work with Sixten Ivarsson for a month and Sixten was able to teach him how to hone his innate skill, which he took back to Japan to help the company become famous the world over.


    The tradition, the experience and a careful creation by hand make them unique

    feel how each model is unique and exclusive, its sensations and spirit remain intact in time.

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